Blocktickets, a NFT Ticketing Dapp, Rocks the Tricity Music lovers with Leading Bollywood DJs

Blocktickets, a NFT Ticketing Dapp, Rocks the Tricity Music lovers with Leading Bollywood DJs

Chandigarh, June 2022: Blocktickets, a multichain NFT – based ticketing & entertainment platform has collaborated with Aspire Entertainment for a musical concert- ‘Bambai Se Aye Mera Dost’ to be held at Chandigarh. The three-day musical retreat will witness India’s leading musical stalwarts performing Live at House of Eden from June 10 to June 12, 8.00 Pm IST onwards.

Notable artists such as DJ Chetas, Stebin Ben, Shirley Setia, DJ Aman Nagpal, Lady Barot, DJ Karan, DJ Sorab shall be among performing live for the first time in Chandigarh. One may purchase these collectible and fun NFT tickets through -Blocktickets, a blockchain technology start-up that pioneered the minting of NFT-based tickets, and will be weaving this one-of-a-kind experience for everyone.

“The idea is to provide a unique ticketing experience to our users. Anyone may purchase a ticket in the form of an NFT (Non-fungible Token), which can be saved as a souvenir or sold to a collector on the secondary market, one can book tickets, NFTs and fun exclusively on www.” says Abhinav Garg, founder, Blocktickets.

Blocktickets created headlines as it hosted the largest Music Festival this Summer in India – Emergence Festival, at the Leela, Mumbai featuring 30+ Foreign artists. The Mumbaikars rocked to Emiway, Bantai, Zephertone, Marri Ferrari, Helixy, Stylo, and other leading of the performers. Blocktickets have recently made an entry into the Indian market and are looking to collaborate with event organizers, sporting organization, cinemas etc as the acceptance of blockchain technology increases in the country. In the end of June, in the serene Parvathi Valley of Himalayas, will host music festival of its kind. Lastly, in July a multilingual and multicity premiere Movie show of a Big Budget South Indian film will be sold. Tickets to all these exciting events are sold as NFTs bundled with the unique NFT experiences.

Blocktickets leverages blockchain technology to provide a transparent and decentralised system for the creation and sale of smart tickets, which is a novel concept. It’s a platform that allows event organizers to embed a smart contract in their tickets that establishes the ticket’s floor price, ceiling price, and royalties when it’s sold.

“Blocktickets is making the boring tickets that till now were meant to be discarded, a beautiful experience. With smart contracts and NFTs Blocktickets is making ever vibrant event industry even more beautiful and exciting for all stakeholders. These tickets not only give a utility for a buyer to enter and resell the ticket, but interact with the Ticket buyer. Imagine Every 24 hours a new Brand Advertisement or a new Artist Announcement is shown on the NFT ticket. Further, bundled with the Tickets, special NFT Moments of the concerts are sold.” says Nishant Chandra, Founder Blocktickets

Blocktickets, aspires to innovate smart contracts and blockchain by integrating all stakeholders into the system, including artists, event organizers, financers, original ticket buyers, secondary ticket buyers, fans, and marketers. Blocktickets is a web 3.0 ticketing platform that has the potential to revolutionize industries such as sports, films, concerts, expos, airlines, and hotels, as well as marketing and sponsorships. The platform was created to address the flaws in the current offline ticketing system, which wastes USD 15 billion in tickets each year due to scalping. It’s a one-of-a-kind technique in which marketers may leverage brand NFTs to engage with ticket buyers creatively, and by personalizing tickets as special NFTs, more revenue channels can be developed.

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