CoinSwitch lists 100th coin for its users to invest in Indian Rupees

CoinSwitch lists 100th coin for its users to invest in Indian Rupees

Bengaluru June, 2022, India: CoinSwitch, India’s largest Crypto investing app, has listed 100th coin on its trading platform, providing users a wide range of Crypto assets to purchase in Indian Rupees, besides popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Shiba Inu. Now users can purchase and sell these Crypto assets in Indian Rupees following safe investing guidelines.

CoinSwitch keeps investor protection at the forefront even as it continues to list newer assets. The company recently introduced a Riskometer feature to warn users before they purchase a crypto that is new or is potentially volatile. The risk levels are assessed by analyzing a coin’s origins, utility, and other factors. The additional nudge respects the user’s choice while enabling informed decisions.

“At CoinSwitch, we deliberate carefully before listing any coin on our platform. We place user protection and education at the forefront of all business decisions, even as we provide them with greater choices. Today, we are pleased to provide our 18 million users with 100 Crypto assets to purchase and invest in with Indian Rupee. Users can learn more about these coins from our educational platforms such as the CoinSwitch blog and YouTube channel and make an informed investment decision,” said Ashish Singhal, CEO & Co-Founder of CoinSwitch.

The company has implemented several measures to make Crypto investing safe and trustworthy in India. On the CoinSwitch app, users can deposit and withdraw only Indian Rupees from their verified bank account after submitting necessary KYC details. The app is open for only resident Indians. Further, it conducts name screening (for Politically Exposed Person status, Sanctioned list, and negative news) if a user makes a transfer beyond a threshold.

With a mission to make money equal for all, CoinSwitch provides users with a safe, simple, and trusted platform for users to invest in Crypto assets, and equips users with educational content to make informed decisions. Users can consume these educational materials on the CoinSwitch blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, and other platforms.

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