Gifts for every season and every festival

Gifts for every season and every festival

Gifts for every season and every festival

As the festive season comes heralding the time of gifts and sweets, Indians everywhere are gearing up for sharing and merrymaking amongst family and friends. For this festive season, Arttd’inox is all set to be your gifting partner with a host of new designs that champion luxury, class, and elegance, expressed through the art of stainless steel.

Home Improvement

1. Shri Box: 

For a patron of the arts, this multi-functional box is a must-have this festive season. Inspired by 400-year-old Pichwai Paintings, this detailed and decadent piece celebrates Lord Krishna’s divinity and will lend elegance to any setting it is placed in.



2. Shri Lotus Boxes 

Ideal keepsakes that will elevate a home-space with art and devotion, the Shri Lotus Boxes are true masterpiece, with handmade motifs etched on 100% stainless steel. Gift this masterpiece to friends who appreciate age-old Pichwai Paintings represented in the eternal lotus-inspired artwork.

Massai Table Top Planter (2)-min


3. Maasai Table-Top Planter:

Have a love for the wild but also a penchant for luxury and elegance? The Maasai Table-Top Planter from Arttd’inox is the answer to your prayers. Inspired by Maasai artworks, this sustainable planter, crafted out of stainless steel with its hints of zebra stripes and deep earthy tones, will give your bed-side, balcony, or even your work-desk a great touch of the Saharan style.


Maasai Kebab Platter-min

4. Maasai Kebab Platter:

A dining experience that includes the Maasai Platter is bound to transport one to the great African grasslands, which makes it the perfect gift for someone with insatiable wanderlust. An elegant representation of the Saharan wilderness on the sleek surface of stainless steel serve-ware, this beautiful sea-green platter can present your wildest dishes with great flair.


Maasai Two-Tier Platter-min

5. Maasai Two Tier Platter: 

The show-stopper to your next garden party has to be the Maasai Two-Tier Platter. In addition to being an elegant centre-piece that will elevate your dessert or small nibbles plating, this platter is also child-friendly, sustainable, and easy to maintain.

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