HealthyMomsForHealthyHomes – Panasonic encourages mother care a part of childcare

HealthyMomsForHealthyHomes – Panasonic encourages mother care a part of childcare

New Delhi, May 2022: Mothers are the epitome of selfless and unconditional love. They don many hats, be it that of a friend, a confidant, a teacher, a guide, and while navigating through these roles, they usually tend to overlook their own wellbeing. To mark the occasion of Mother’s Day, Panasonic India, a leading diversified technology company, unveiled an insight based digital campaign – #HealthyMomsForHealthyHomes, which highlights that a mother’s wellbeing is essential for a healthy and happy family.

According to a recent survey, 76 percent of parents are sleep deprived, with men losing an average of 13 minutes per night and women losing more than 60 minutes each night. Panasonic’s #HealthyMomsForHealthyHomes campaign builds on this insight and emphasizes the need of self-care for mothers. Chronic sleep deprivation has adverse health consequences; which may lead to parental burnout, and affect the physical and emotional health of both, the parents and the child. The campaign through its originally composed lullaby ‘Neendein Bharna’ emphasizes on the importance of a good sleep for a mother, reflecting through the tale of a family ensuring that the new mother receives sufficient rest and uninterrupted sleep.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Shirish Agarwal, Head- Brand & Marketing Communications, Panasonic India, said “We all feel that our mothers have superpowers and they never tire. But the reality is that mothers are only human and need to recharge as well. Lack of sleep in mothers, especially in new mothers, is a prevalent concern yet less spoken about. Through our #HealthyMomsForHealthyHomes campaign we wanted to highlight the fact that mother care is a crucial part of child care. A good sleep plays an important part in one’s wellbeing and by taking care of yourself, you only allow yourself to be a better parent. Panasonic as a brand believes that wellness begins at home and aims to create healthier homes utilizing our technologies to offer comfort and convenience as reflected in the campaign.”

With the lullaby ‘Neendein Bharna’ playing in the background, the film opens onto a room with a bassinet and all family members gently passing around it without making a sound – be it the mother-in-law silently keeping the milk bottle on the table or signaling her son not to make any noise. However, there is a commotion as the baby in the bassinet drops the rattle and the mother, who was asleep next to the baby, wakes up with the sound. The film then reveals that everyone was tip toeing around so as to let the mother have an undisturbed sleep. The husband reassures her that the baby is fine, and insists she goes back to sleep peacefully.

Panasonic has been focusing on making homes healthy with its air conditioners and this campaign reassures the definition of healthier homes as Panasonic ACs ensure safety and wellbeing for the whole family.

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