Introducing ICH NEXT, the first Indigenous Fashion Forecast of India for India

Introducing ICH NEXT, the first Indigenous Fashion Forecast of India for India

August 2022: The USD 17 Billion+* women’s ethnic apparel market in India is observing a significant expansion in expression, usage occasion and concept by organized players. This is driven by increasingly discerning consumers with growing aspirations and an influence that is no more limited by the regional only. Understanding these shifts, the evolving Indian consumer’s preference in fashion and enabling a path to adopt is the core of what ICH Creative Consulting seeks to solve for through the ICH NEXT™ Fashion Forecast Analysis. (*Ref: Statista Jun 2022).

For decades now, global brands have steered their path to success by following deeply researched fashion forecasts, to better understand the emerging preferences of the global and local consumer. A well-researched trend forecast provides a perspective of oncoming trends to ensure businesses make the right decisions and stays relevant and exciting to their consumers. As a country with a large youth population, that is increasingly financially affluent, digitally exposed and more quick-to-dismiss, the classic trial and error approach or a purely localized view by Brands / labels won’t cut it anymore.

Lead by industry stalwarts Kanika Vohra and Anuradha Chandrashekar, carrying a combined experience of more than 4 decades in the Indian retail Industry, ICH NEXT was launched to solve for a deep domestically influenced research to best analyse the evolving aesthetic of the country. ICH NEXT is conceived through a collaboration of tech-enabled research, human zeitgeist and design expertise.

‘Bharat mein peheli baar ,Bharat ke designer ke liye’

ICH NEXT™ provides an extensive trend research with the Indian design community to #DesignOnTrend and to support the #VocalForLocal initiative. The ICH NEXT™ fashion forecast report provides an in-depth future trend analysis, basis an exhaustive research of market trends and consumer insights, complete with cues on colors, patterns, motifs, surface embellishments, details and silhouettes. This is accessed via an online portal through an easy subscription model.

Founders of ICH, having held clients like Amazon India, Cloudtail India, Tata Cliq Luxury, etc; pioneer the concept of an indigenous fashion forecast of India for India. ICH NEXT is currently focused on ethnic apparel- a segment until now that has never had a singular point of reference in research and future trend insights.

To leverage the consumer centric fashion trends in India, Anuradha Chandrashekar, Co-Founder, ICH Creative Consulting and Chief Editor, ICH NEXT™ stated, “The indigenous fashion industry is very unique – A fusion of localised tastes and global influences, hence demanding its own unique approach. At ICH, we believe trends are rarely linear and usually a convergence of seemingly unrelated events and influences that address the latent, future demand of the consumer. To understand this, we constantly track and analyse influencing factors like market shifts, global and Indian runways, celeb styles, social media trends etc . With a collaborative culture, we keep expanding our horizon by working with various experts in the industry.”

Representing the pioneer and exclusive Indigenous Fashion Forecasting firm in India , Kanika Vohra, Co-Founder, ICH Creative said, “ICH NEXT is the answer to the existing fragmentation of Ethnic Trends in India. We always keep our eyes & ears open to what’s brewing in the country. Over the last decade, Indian ethnic wear has evolved into being multidimensional. Consumers are now going beyond the conventional and looking at clothing based on state of mind, individual expression and emotions; and it’s important to stay abreast of these evolving facets for any business to stay relevant.”

ICH Creative Consulting was conceptualised to address the need gap for consumer centric brand ideas in fashion & lifestyle retail, taking advantage of the founders’ past experience in leading multiple brands and start-ups within the country. Its simplified approach and combined abilities that cut across research, design, business development, buying and content marketing is what makes ICH unique. As a creative strategy firm “rooted in product”, ICH is focused on brand development from ideation to enabling execution via a collaborative approach with its clients.

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