MG Motor and Siemens collaborate to develop innovative digital solutions to conserve energy and build a Sustainable future.

MG Motor and Siemens collaborate to develop innovative digital solutions to conserve energy and build a Sustainable future.

Mumbai, June 2022: Committed to sustainability-driven innovation, MG Motor India has partnered with Siemens to leverage cutting-edge digital technologies (including IoT, data analytics, Plant Simulation, and MindSphere) to increase productivity, save energy & cost, and reduce emissions & carbon footprint in its operations.

MG becomes the world’s first auto OEM to use MindSphere and Plant Simulation as a closed-loop digital twin. The software can connect plant assets & processes and provide insights into more streamlined paint processes, resulting in a 15% increase in the future pre-treatment and electrocoating paint process.

Ravi Mittal, Director- Manufacturing, MG Motor India, said, “MG is constantly evolving to meet rapidly changing requirements and provide innovative solutions by collaborating with ecosystem partners. Our partnership with Siemens is focused on industrial digitalization and intelligent manufacturing. It will strengthen our commitment to lowering carbon footprints, increasing production efficiency, and providing significant energy and cost-saving solutions.”

Suprakash Chaudhuri, Head of Digital Industries, Siemens Limited, said, “We are excited about this development and take immense pride in partnering with MG Motor. What we have created with MG Motor is the digital twin of production. It allows MG to connect the plant through automation and monitor real-time operational performance. This generates valuable insights by applying advanced analytics to real-time data in a closed-loop simulation environment. The seamless combination of the Real and the Digital world sets the basis for continuous improvement. We are looking forward to our partnership with MG and supporting them in achieving their future goals.”

MG aims to drive change with innovation as a brand pillar and adheres to its vision of CASE mobility. Strategic collaborations (like with Siemens) will enable MG to spearhead and develop digital solutions and skills to improve productivity, save energy, reduce emissions, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. The brand has introduced many firsts in the segment features in the past, including the industry’s first CAAP (Car as A Platform), a unique on-demand in-car service and subscription-based model. The automaker recently became the world’s first automotive brand to use ULTRAX Degreaser (a liquid alkaline degreasing cleaner) to reduce 787 tonnes of CO2 per year. MG had also installed 4.85 MW of wind-solar power plant to run its operations in the Halol manufacturing hub, saving 2 lakh MT of CO2 over 15 years.

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