Radio City celebrates the love for music on the occasion of World Music Day

Radio City celebrates the love for music on the occasion of World Music Day

India, 21st June 2022: Radio City, India’s leading radio network celebrates World Music Day across the country in conjunction with International Yoga Day as both the iconic days are observed on 21st June 2022. The celebrations are being held through various activities in multiple regions such as Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Delhi, South India. World Music Day is one such day that honours singers and musicians for their contributions in the field of music.

Radio City Gujarat and Rajasthan have designed week long campaigns ‘Taste of India’ and ‘Mera Wala Gaana’ which commenced on 16th June. The campaign Taste of Music enlightens the listeners about varied genres of music such as jazz, rock, hiphop, classical, etc. that exist within Bollywood music. On the other hand, ‘Mera Wala Gaana’ celebrates the motto ‘Radio City wahi gaane chunti hai, jo city sunti hai’. Through Mera Wala Gaana campaign, the radio station encourages the audience to share their favourite playlists on WhatsApp and Radio City will choose from this list to play songs on World Music Day.

Radio City Delhi has amalgamated World Music Day with International Day of Yoga by launching a ‘Rap Yoga’ video which has RJs and local influencers doing yoga to rap music. Similarly, Radio City Bengaluru is playing songs of various languages such as Punjabi, Haryanvi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Rajasthani in the spirit of commemorating how music breaks the barriers of language and depicts the diverse culture of India.

An innovative campaign launched in Mumbai ‘City Ka Instant Music’ encourages listeners to create instant music, using anything around them and record a small video of themselves singing any song while creating beats with simple things like table, plate, etc. and post the video on their social media handles by tagging the RJs and Radio City. The best video will be gratified by Radio City. Bollywood singers Shekhar Ravjiani, Astha Gill, Divya Kumar, Vishal Mishra, Javed Ali have shared their instant music for this campaign. Additionally, a music band ‘Dharavi Rocks’ based in Mumbai’s Dharavi were present at Radio City Mumbai office on the occasion of World Music Day to perform and showcase their talent. Dharavi Rocks is a bunch of slum kids jamming to a better life by transforming junk such as drum that is used to store water, cans, sticks, glass bottles, metal caps, and what not into musical instruments.

Commenting on creative campaigns designed for World Music Day campaign, Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, “People listen to music regardless of whether they are happy, unhappy, romantic, or in any other scenario. Music brings people together, despite differences in language, religion, and region. Radio City has been a pioneer of music led initiatives, and that’s why, we are always labelled as the Musical Radio Channel. This year, we celebrate this diversity by creating campaigns where listeners feel close to the world of music and understand the real essence of music in their lives.”

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