Shvasa wants people to #BreatheNewLife #ForTheLoveOfYoga Ahead of International Yoga Day

New Delhi, 21st June, 2022: Shvasa , a technology-driven and immersive virtual yoga platform registered in the US and operating from Bangalore has announced a unique initiative called the Shvasa Yoga Festival ahead of the upcoming International Yoga Day. As a part of this special celebration, Shvasa aims to encourage people to #BreatheNewLife #ForTheLoveOfYoga and practice with the best teachers from India for free. Shvasa means breath in Sanskrit, and when we learn to breathe right, it directly benefits the parasympathetic nervous system, making the practitioners feel balanced and calm. When we start breathing from the nose and not mouth, it also helps in building immunity. To help people discover these and numerous other incredible benefits, Shvasa has launched the Yoga Festival that will help them inculcate Yoga habits.

Arunima Singhdeo, Founder and CEO, Shvasa

Speaking about this, Arunima Singhdeo, Founder and CEO, Shvasa, said, “Regular yoga practice not only makes people build immunity against infections, but also boosts their overall physical and mental health, energy levels, and clarity of thought. When people learn to breathe right, it helps in activating the higher centre of the brain known as the cerebral cortex. This leads to a greater understanding of self and the general challenges of life. It makes you feel calm, more attentive and focused, and empathetic. Through this campaign that is a part of our International Yoga Day celebrations, we wish to help people incorporate discipline in their lives, and adopt yoga and meditation as a way of life.”

Our hectic modern lifestyles and the constant urge to do more has led to a scenario where millions of people across the globe are getting affected by physical and mental health issues. It is time that something effective is done to overcome the waves of diseases and infections. That’s where it is crucial to discover the power of breathing right and learn how integration of Yoga can transform the lives of countless people.

Shvasa offers authentic and simple yoga practices to benefit everyone without any religious angle to the teachings. The fundamental belief is that yoga democratizes happiness, and internet democratized knowledge, and Shvasa lies at the intersection of both. The leadership team of Shvasa has over 40,000 hours of yoga experience combined and over 40 years of tech and internet business experience.

‘Shvasa’ is focusing on empowering people to control their health and happiness through yoga and right breathing patterns. The company aims to launch yoga teacher training, yoga philosophy, breathing technique, and nutrition workshops etc., in the near future.

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