The Pahadi Story Launches Himalayan Herb Salts – Pisyu Loon

The Pahadi Story Launches Himalayan Herb Salts – Pisyu Loon

The Pahadi Story, born in the Himalayas, launches a very special collection of Authentic Himalayan Herb salts. Inspired by the goodness of nature, and the purity of ingredients sourced from the hills, these salts are a part of a very special tradition and flavour from Uttarakhand. Reminiscent of simpler times, they evocate a pinch full of living, folk song echoing in valleys, a happy chorus followed by spirited giggles, the rhythmic breaking of salt granules, and the flavourful burst of herbs & spices on the coarse sil-batta (traditional mortar-pestles).

The Pahadi story has traveled great distances to bring you a soulful work of art. Four unique flavours- Bhang Dana (hemp seeds), Timur (schichua pepper), Pudina, and Mixed Herbs & Spices. Travelling great distances to bring you something truly special, rare and authentic. A product of recipes native to the state of Uttarakhand, they literally translate to ‘ground salt’. The pahadi namaks are made by combining Himalayan rock salt and Himalayan fresh herbs and spices on a sil-batta using age-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Made with great love and care by the pahadi folk women farmers, they carry with them the warmth and care of hand-made goodness. The manufacturing process ensures that the aroma and flavor of the natural ingredients remain intact. Non-processed and 100% natural Pisyun Loon is rich in micronutrients and a healthy addition to your daily diet.

A Pinch of Inspiration….

A treasured culinary craft handed over generations. The handiwork of relentless Pahadi Women who are synonymous with grit and gumption. For them, sil-batta is like a member of their family. Many flavours find their way into it. And the act of making Pisyun Loon is of sheer joy, the group of women sit together and hand-ground the salt singing local folk songs.

A Pinch of Tradition….

The flat mortar-and-pestle grinder known as sil-batta or pata-varvanta was made of Makrana marble. The beginning of sil-battas can be traced to the Tittiriya Samhita, a manual for rituals written during the Vedic time. The smaller stone(Batta) is moved on the bigger stone(Sil) back and forth to grind the ingredients to the desired consistency. Owing to the harsh winters and the dearth of vegetation – Piyun Loon has been a long-time companion of rotis & parathas for the people of Uttarakhand.

A Pinch of Flavour….

Freshly ground spices have a distinct aroma and fragrance which make the food, even more, tastier and healthier. The vigorous movement of stones produces heat which amalgamates with the natural oil of the spices and other ingredients bringing out all the flavors that make the food tasty.

A Pinch of Health….

Non-processed and 100% natural Pisyun Loon is rich in micronutrients and a healthy addition to your daily diet. Improves Digestion. Boosts Immunity. Good for Respiration System.

The new salt range consists of –

Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt with Timur – A perfect balance with peppery hints of spice while furthering your immunity and improving your gut health. It’s the perfect addition to your daily diet.

Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt with Pudina – An all-natural blend with Himalayan Pudina, evoking a sense of renewal with each bite. It provides easy relief from cough and cold and helps you to feel re-energized.

Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt with Bhang dana – Taste the uniqueness brought in through the Himalayas with this authentic salt with Bhang Dana. It is excellent to induce healthy sleeping patterns and strengthen your heart health. It further provides you with a natural glow.

Authentic Himalayan Rock Salt with Mixed Herbs – A burst of flavours from jeera, garlic, coriander, and chilies; it is an homage to the Himalayan culture and tradition. This blend is extremely beneficial for your senses and so rich in micronutrients that it reduces early signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Pravin Shah, Founder of The Pahadi Story says, “Our products are a representation of what we believe in; to love and to give. Not just to society but through providing nurture and care with our efforts in building our surroundings. With our recent launch of The Pahadi Salts, we have aimed to bring about a healthier alternative to seasoning salts. These blends are extremely unique and pleasing, leaving your palate satisfied and giving you the taste that you desire. Curated carefully with love and compassion with our Pahadi farmers, these blends are a perfect medley of warmth and nourishment.”

Shweta Shah, Co-Founder of The Pahadi Story says, “With all our creations, our endeavor remains to bring the most authentic offerings straight from the Himalayas. The Himalayan Salts are not just your regular table salt, they are more like seasonings that offer many nutritional benefits with their immunity-boosting micronutrients. We created something that you can add to your daily diet and get your dose of nourishment with our traditional and locally sourced ingredients.”

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