This International Women’s Day KSH Logistics Commits to Increasing Women Workforce by 25% in 2023

Taking a step toward Gender Diversity and Equality

 KSH Logistics

Mumbai, March 2023: KSH Logistics, one of India’s leading integrated supply-chain logistics solution providers with over two decades of presence in India, is committing to increase its women workforce by 25% in 2023. This initiative was announced on the occasion of International Women’s Day and is in line with the company’s commitment to gender diversity, equality, and inclusivity in the workplace.

With this initiative, KSH Logistics aims to create a more balanced and diverse workforce, thereby driving growth, innovation, and excellence. The company already has over 15% female workforce, including security guards and housekeeping staff, and believes that diversity in the workplace is a key driver of success, as it brings different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table, enabling better decision-making and problem-solving.

They already have Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) policies that go hand in hand with the already existing Government policies aimed specifically at women empowerment. The shift towards digitalization, in particular, accelerated post-pandemic and positively impacted the company’s hiring strategy.

Commenting on the announcement Mr. S Behera, Head of Operations, KSH Logistics says, “We are excited to launch this initiative to increase the representation of women across all departments in our workforce. The logistics industry has primarily been a male-dominated sector and we wish to break that stereotype.” He also mentioned “We believe that women have a lot to offer, are multi-talented and committed to work. At KSH Logistics, our intent is to create a workplace that empowers them with confidence, and supports their professional and personal growth, development, and success.”

Ms. Ruchita Apte, Head of Finance, KSH Logistics stated “As a woman in Finance, I believe that diversity and inclusion is not just a buzzword but is a business imperative. We are confident that this initiative will bring tremendous benefits to the company and bring diverse ideas and skills to the table. I am proud to be a part of a company that is committed to creating a workplace that supports the overall growth and development of women.”

To achieve this goal, KSH Logistics will implement various measures, including targeted recruitment efforts, training and development programs, mentoring and coaching, and flexible work arrangements. The company will also review its policies and procedures to ensure that they support the needs and aspirations of women employees.

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