Thunderfarm launches Crypto Poker Tournament on Coinpoker

Thunderfarm launches Crypto  Poker Tournament on Coinpoker

6th October 2022 Unifarm launches Thunder Farms Crypto Poker Tournament in association with CoinPoker-a revolutionary blockchain technology-based platform. The registrations for the tournament are open till 7th October 2022, 6:30 AM UTC and the tournament will be hosted on Coinpoker on 7th October 2022 at 6:30 AM UTC.

The winners will get exciting rewards as the Crypto Poker Tournament prize pool is worth $1500 to up to $4500. Thunder Farms Gold NFT and Silver NFT holders will get exciting 3X &2X rewards.

How to participate in the Poker Tournament

● Visit

● Register yourself there to get a user ID

● Submit your entry by filling  this form

● We will verify your Gold or Silver NFT and map your user ID to that wallet address for reward distribution

● Visit for more information

Exciting rewards for the participants

● Non-Silver or Gold NFT holders will get 1X reward. (Whole Crypto community)

● Silver NFT holder gets 2X reward (Thunder Farm project community participants)

● Gold NFT holder gets 3X reward (Thunder Farm stakers)

The rewards will be transferred to the user’s wallet address and rewards will be staked NFT of that amount, which users can unstake anytime. Talking about Crypto Poker Tournament, Mr.Mohit Madan, CEO and Co-Founder, Unifarm and Oropocket said ,”

Poker is taking shape as a sports category across the world, we need events that people will look forward to playing. Poker for sure is a sunrise segment within the larger gaming ecosystem”.

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