Heart Calling: It’s time to know more!

Heart Calling: It’s time to know more!

By S N Raju, CEO, Pinea Metering

Coronary Artery Disease is one of the silent and deadliest diseases of our time. It has been recently found that Indians are more prone to heart diseases than western countries by at least 2 to 3%.

Now, this makes us wonder, why such a rapid gain in the number of casualties, and why are we becoming more exposed to heart diseases. The reason behind that may highly contribute to genetics but it can also be because of our lifestyle choices.

These lifestyle choices might be your habit of smoking or living a sedentary lifestyle. High cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes are also some of the causes of heart disease.

Another main reason for early heart attacks is the consumption of trendy fast and fried foods. These foods are high in saturated fat and trans fat and if taken continuously, they promote plaque buildup in arteries and put you at risk for coronary artery disease, heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

One should also not forget to keep their stress level in check. We all know that excessive stress can lead to numerous diseases that include heart diseases too. Keeping stress under control is the hardest thing to do in this busy world but learning how to do it is a must.

It is advised to get a regular check-up if you find out that you are doing or having any of the things mentioned above or if your family has a history of heart disease because that might increase your chance of getting it in the future twice as much.

Learn how to follow a low-fat, high-fiber diet, be more physically active, stick to a healthy weight, give up smoking, vaping, alcohol, and drugs, and keep blood glucose levels and blood pressure levels as normal as possible.

These might help you not only prevent the chances of getting heart disease but can improve your overall health and also increase the length of your lifetime.

The sad fact is that our people seem to be not aware of the seriousness of heart disease until and unless they get it. Even people as young as 25 are getting prone to heart disease because of the bad choices they make in life.

We must educate ourselves about our body and give it exactly what it needs and restrict what’s not good for it. Creating awareness is becoming a dire need now as it should be given the reality of our situation.

In the occasion of World Heart Day, one of the Industry Pinea Metering had organized Healthy Heart Awareness Week Campaign where they took an entire week to create awareness about heart health and heart diseases by promoting content on social media,

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