Neelu Vaghela enters Sony SAB’s ‘Dhruv Tara’ as Dhruv’s stepmother

Mumbai June 28, 2024: Sony SAB’s ‘Dhruv Tara – Samay Sadi Se Pare’ takes us through the heartwarming love story of Dhruv (Ishaan Dhawan), a doctor in the 21st century, and Tara (Riya Sharma), a princess from the 17th century. In the recent episodes, the audience have witnessed that Druv and Tara try to escape to the 21st century to live a happy life together as a family. However, a malfunction in the time travel vortex leaves them stranded in the 19th century where they take life as children in two contrasting families.

Neelu Vaghela as Dhruv's mother

As Dhruv and Tara enter the new chapter of their lives, in a new century, a host of new characters enter the show. In his new life, Dhruv is born into a rich aristocratic family of the 19th century. Portraying his stepmother on the show is Neelu Vaghela. The veteran theatre and television actor, Neelu is entering the show as Raj Rani. She is not the typical evil stepmother, but on the contrary, she is a positive one who loves Dhruv, his elder brother Rishiraj, and her own daughter Kanchan equally. She supports her children and often comes as a shield between Dhruv and her husband (Pankaj Dheer), protecting Dhruv from his wrath. Apart from being a supportive mother, she is also a devoted wife, who wants the best for everyone in the family.

Neelu Vaghela, who will be essaying the role of Raj Rani in Dhruv Tara said, “Stepping into the character of Raj Rani has been a remarkable experience for me. She is a unique blend of strength and warmth and playing a positive character who genuinely cares for all her children is refreshing. Raj Rani’s love and support for Dhruv, Rishiraj, and Kanchan, as well as her dedication to her husband, make her a character with great depth and relatability. I am thrilled to bring this inspiring and heartfelt role to life, and I hope the audience will connect with her as much as I have.”

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