BLK – Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi organized an exclusive Cancer awareness camp in association with Vasundhara Hospital

BLK – Max Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi organized an exclusive Cancer awareness camp in association with Vasundhara Hospital

Jodhpur, 25th April 2022: In an endeavour to bring awareness about the importance of regular health check-ups and early detection, Delhi’s BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital, organised an exclusive Oncology Health Check Camp in association with the city-based Vasundhara Hospital, today. The camp was organized at Vasundhara Hospital, Nandanvan, Sector-11, Jodhpur from 10 AM to 1 PM, witnessing a huge participation of over 100 people, who were benefitted with the expert consultation, medical services, and investigations.

The attendees availed medical consultation for cancer by Dr Surender Dabas, Senior Director & HOD- Surgical Oncology & Robotic surgery, BLK-Max Cancer Centre & Dr Sajjan Rajpurohit, Director-Medical Oncology, BLK-Max Cancer Centre, BLK-Max Super Speciality Hospital.  Pertaining to the rising prominence of breast cancer/gynecological cancers among women aged 35 years and above various tests including touchless thermos-scan mammography, PAP Smear, were also conducted. While men being highly susceptible to prostate cancer, tests like Prostate Specific Antigen Test was conducted to raise awareness about the importance of timely detection along with other free investigations.

Doctors from BLK-Max Hospital, will also be soon starting their monthly OPD in Vasundhara Hospital, Jodhpur, allowing the local residents to seek expert consultation in their city without the hassle of travelling to metro cities for basic consultations.

“We are really happy to have collaborated with one of the best Cancer Centres in the country and strive to raise awareness about cancer related issues. The health checkup camp and our upcoming OPDs will offer consultation and encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle as well as provide access to the best of technology. This OPD is going to be a valuable addition to the healthcare infrastructure of Jodhpur by providing world-class treatment solutions to patients in the city right at their doorsteps. Our services will include all consultations and investigations and provide end to end services for the treatment” said Dr Sanjay Makewana, Director, Vasundhara Hospital while addressing the media.

The rising incidence of cancer cases in the country goes to prove the level of unawareness about the disease and early detection coupled with deteriorating lifestyle of people. Through this special oncology camp organized by BLK – Max Hospital New Delhi, people from Jodhpur will not only be able to access the best-in-class services but raised awareness about the disease will also enhance them for a better and healthy lifestyle.

“Globally, 7% of the population under the age of 40 years is suffering from breast cancer, whereas in India, the rate is double i.e. 15%, which is the leading causes of mortality among women. Among males, 6% of the cancer patients were diagnosed with prostate cancer last year.  Since early detection of such cancers can have favorable outcomes with respect to the advancements made in the field of oncology treatment, it is imperative to state that awareness plays a major role. It is important to understand and spread awareness about cancer treatment and the ways to combat it. While better and advanced technologies are available, it is equally important to spread the message of early detection as the symptoms get neglected & are diagnosed late. People should be aware and understand that with the latest & advanced treatment options available backed by strong support; it is possible to lead a better quality of life post cancer treatment” said Dr Sajjan Rajpurohit, who is a pioneer in Cancer Immunotherapies and have given more than 20000 immunotherapies.

According to the recent data of the Indian Council of Medical Research’s National cancer registry programme (NCRP), of the total cancer cases recorded in the country in 2020 (22.5 Lakh cases), 7.5 Lakh cases belonged to Rajasthan, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. With a major prominence of Head and neck cancers (Oral Cancer), which was followed by breast cancer, with a mainstream contribution of 2.6 Lakh alone from the state.

 “As we all know cancer patients are increasing rampantly. But the good news is treatment modalities and technology are also improving day-by-day. Robotic surgery is an addition to the spectrum of highly advanced surgical techniques that surgeons use for minimally invasive surgery. Newly advanced robotic surgery has provided an innovative approach in the treatment of cancer. Providing with a 3-dimensional view, robotic-assisted console helps the surgeon to operate in closed, narrow spaces where it may be difficult to perform laparoscopic surgery. It also provides ease in surgical suturing which helps in reconstruction. For the patients, there is less blood loss, less pain and lower requirement for analgesics. And we have devised a technology recently where we can perform scarless head and neck cancer surgeries, which is not only good for cosmetic outcomes but provides numerous benefits in functional outcomes as well,” explained Dr. Surender Dabas, who is a pioneer in Robotic Surgery in India and have performed more than 15,000 cancer surgeries.

Recent data shows that developing countries are facing a sharp increase in cancer incidence. But at the same time, there have been numerous advancements in cancer care. However, the majority of our population is not able to avail the benefits of these developments due to sheer lack of knowledge and myths associated with the subject.

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