When Art meets Fashion by Payal Kapoor of Arushi Arts & Vandana Malhotra

When Art meets Fashion  by  Payal Kapoor of Arushi Arts & Vandana Malhotra

Payal Kapoor & Vandana Malhotra recently celebrated the amalgamation of art with fashion. It was the first time a gallery space showcased original tribal art with a beautiful clothing collection of spring-summer 2022  designed by Vandana Malhotra. The starry evening materialized as the charm of tribal art or ‘primitive art’. This show celebrates creativity. The collection was displayed to give tribal art and culture a different point of view for art enthusiasts; this merged with the beguiling fashion pieces of Vandana Malhotra who has always believed in the synergy of Art and Design. Her Sartorial Expression this season, is one of Minimalistic and Classic Silhouettes, providing a Tabularasa that is then Beautified with Intricate Embroideries, Romantic Florals mingling with Fluid Abstracts, in a Palette of Soft Pinks, Nudes, and Ivories and the dazzling Jewellery displayed beautifully on the muses by Amit Mehra. The event was attended by Nirvan Sing, Mriganka Singh, Kamal Modi, Asha Kamal Modi, Tanisha Mohan, Surita Tandon, Timsy Anand, Chandani Nath Israni, Vinita Jain, Sheeta Bawa Singh, Neeva Jain, Artist George Martin, Anderi Rzheussky ambassador of republic of Belarus, Artist Roy Thomas, Art Curator Sumeet Chopra, Artist Surita Tandon, Interior Designer Shaunali  Nanda, Shobha Broota, Karma Dhingra.

Payal Kapoor, Founder Arushi Arts said “Initially, starting a gallery was a challenge, as not many people were interested in art. And even collecting it. But when I had my first art show of Indian art, which also turned out to be a success, it gave me immense confidence. I am very excited to host the evening filled with art, fashion and everything that portrays beauty in life. Getting to experience this with people who appreciate art and beauty is just a cherry on top.”

Designer Vandana Malhotra said, “The last couple of years have made us all appreciate the value of coming together as a community, and I am delighted to host an evening that celebrates Fashion, Art, and Design along with fellow connoisseurs, Arushi Art, and Mehrason Jewellers, where we aspire to reignite the passion for beauty along with its lovers!”

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