“Choose Your Own Activ” on Women’s Day and every day, says Piramal i-woman

“Choose Your Own Activ” on Women’s Day and every day, says Piramal i-woman

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Mumbai, 9th March 2023: This year, White Rivers Media and i-activ from the house of Piramal Consumer Products Division hit all the right notes with their new campaign, ‘Choose Your Own Activ’ that motivates women to listen to their bodies. It empowers them to choose what is right for them during those tough days of the month, during their menstrual cycle. Whether a woman wants to swim, dance, or just do nothing, that’s her choice; that’s her activ.

In its hard-hitting messaging, the campaign urges women to take the reins of their lives by making informed decisions and not letting societal taboos stop them. Unlike conventional sanitary product commercials that push women to “conquer the world” during those days, i-activ speaks of choosing their own activity, whether it is going out or resting the day, celebrating different bodies with different needs.

The core thought, with the clear execution, leads to one strong communication: i-activ menstrual cup, with its leak-free, silicon-comfort, and other features, gives women the freedom to indulge in any activity they want when on periods. Thus, helping women choose their activ(ity).

The campaign’s launch witnessed a creative, poetic rendition by Priya Malik, a sustainable activist and influencer who motivated other women to come forward and take part in the campaign by simply sharing their “activ.”

Mitesh Kothari, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of White Rivers Media, said, “Through its message of inclusivity and individuality, Piramal’s i-activ, a modern, present-day brand in women’s menstrual hygiene, is leading the charge in promoting a new, more empowering narrative around women’s intimate health and well-being.”

The campaign strongly footed the brand’s roots, spread awareness, and empowered women worldwide by communicating the benefits of i-activ, the go-to menstrual cup that gives women the freedom to do or not to do!
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