Re Sustainability urges netizens to have a sustainable nimarjan this Ganesh Chaturthi

Re Sustainability urges netizens to have a sustainable nimarjan this Ganesh Chaturthi

India, August 2022: Re Sustainability (formerly known as Ramky Enviro Engineers) partners with BIG FM for the 15 th edition of the award-winning Green Ganesha initiative, #ReBIGGreenGanesha, to provide eco-friendly Ganeshas, lending the country folks an eco-friendly alternative to celebrate the auspicious festival. Close to 15000 Ganesha idols made of eco-friendly materials are distributed across 5 cities every year.

Re Sustainability, the leading environmental management company, inching one step closer to their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will hand out and promote the usage of eco-friendly Ganesh idols across various Gated Communities in tier 1 cities including Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. These clay Ganesha idols are enclosed in a coconut pit containing seeds that biodegrade. While the receivers can perform the #nimarjan at home, in a flower pot, giving birth to a new life, a new plant. The company will have a canter going around the town from 25 August to 31 August. This program is well in line with one of the brand’s most essential pillars, #sustainability.

The annual program will accelerate engaging games on radio amplified through on-air and digital channels. These efforts to promote environmentally responsible celebrations have reached out to the masses and equipped them with awareness and information about environmental protection. #ReBIGGreenGanesha will do its part in replacing non-biodegradable options that create pollution. Their sustained efforts have been largely driven to protect the water bodies with activities like lake restoration and beach cleaning. It simply means ‘no festive compromising and no remains of the idols washed back ashore.

Mr. Shantaraju, Chairman, Re Sustainability, said, “This initiative is aligned to the core of our business model i.e environment protection and the ESG mandate. Re Sustainability will continue to develop environment-friendly alternatives, accelerating the wheels of circular economy. As we engage in our annual ritual on Ganesh Chaturthi, we encourage netizens to have eco-friendly celebrations with their loved ones, in the true spirit of the festival.” 

Mr. Goutham Reddy, Managing Director of Re Sustainability, said, “As Re Sustainability moves towards a sustainable future, we are significantly looking to preserve our water bodies. Re BIG Green Ganesha as a program is specifically designed to help curb water pollution. We look forward to celebrations with our ‘Green Heroes’ while we move a step towards sustainability & eco-friendly methods of living & celebrating.” 

Mr. Masood Mallick, CEO, Re Sustainability, said, “It is a priority to help educate and empower every citizen of the country with the concept of sustainable living. This year, we are back with our flagship campaign for Ganesh Chaturthi, aiming to promote sustainable celebrations across the country. Supporting the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, we wish to keep the cities clean and maintain their green decorum through the many initiatives being taken by companies and the Government to spread awareness towards environment indemnities.” 

Re Sustainability has carved a niche for itself in the environmental protection sector by promoting the circular economy with its holistic services. The company, which established India’s first biomedical waste facility, now plans to enter the electronic waste sector. It has largely been responsible for revolutionizing waste management processes by investing in state-of-the-art technology, advanced systems and green initiatives. Re Sustainability’s BIG Green Ganesha demonstrates the importance of eco-friendly celebrations in their sincere attempt to minimize environmental damage.

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