Read-A-Thon: A flagship reading event by Room to Read India across 12 states of India

Read-A-Thon: A flagship  reading event  by Room to Read India across 12 states of India

Bengaluru, Sept 2022: Room to Read India, as part of its India Gets Reading flagship reading campaign, is organizing and running the “Read-a-thon” event today. The event aims to reach far and wide across the country with enhanced participation by all stakeholders, including children, parents, communities, government, donors, multilateral partners like the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other supporters. This year’s Read-a-thon is an ambitious record-setting attempt by Room to Read India, where they aim to bring in a record number of participants in an in-person setting. The participants will be organized to read at multiple locations across the country including 12 states where it has active intervention.

This Read-a-thon will create an opportunity for all stakeholders to come together in spaces such as school premises, communities, government offices, donor offices, etc., and pledge their support towards children’s reading and learning. Ms. Poornima Garg, Deputy Country Director, Room to Read says, “This year’s reading campaign is themed on ‘Reading Equals’. It is an opportunity for all stakeholders to drop all other activities, come together and just READ for 30 minutes at a stretch at a predetermined time. Through this record setting event, we also want to reaffirm our commitment to ensure that children everywhere read, learn, and thrive”.

It is the goal of Room to Read India, to mobilize as many people as possible to support the promotion of reading habits through this Read-a-thon. In addition, the event is expected to set an official record for the number of participants reading multiple literature pieces at the same time. India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records will incorporate the record-setting gathering into their books.


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