Enjoy The Saoji Cuisine at Sayaji Raipur

Enjoy The Saoji Cuisine at Sayaji Raipur

Raipur, August 2022: Horizon at Sayaji, Raipur is offering fiercely spicy and endlessly delicious food made with over 30 wet & dry ingredients – “The Saoji Cuisine ”. The Cuisine offers delectable mouth-watering cuisines like goat meat, chicken, prawns, fish, and egg served with hot puffed-up rotis (bread) and boiled rice.

In a country with diverse cuisines in every state, Saoji is a signature cuisine from Nagpur. Saoji food is very spicy and mostly non-vegetarian. The unique taste of Saoji dishes comes from special spices used in the food. The curries are made with trotters’ chicken and offal and cooked with a host of spices.

Known for its non-vegetarian dishes, Saoji food is from a community of weavers known as Halba Koshtis, which had migrated to Nagpur from Madhya Pradesh. Saoji is cooked in Nagpuri Style and is a hot and spicy curry, a true delicacy of Nagpur, Maharashtra. Saoji Chicken curry is made with a special hot and spicy Saoji masala which has a unique flavour. Total spice lovers delight!

The Saoji masala is a combination of wet and dry, often with a combination of more than thirty ingredients, and the proportion in which they are used provides balance to the dish. Batlo, a paste of onion, ginger, garlic and cumin is one of the wet components. The fiery chilies used are from the nearby Bhiwapur region of Nagpur, whereas black pepper provides for the dark colour in the dish.

Horizon at Sayaji is trying to bring these authentic cuisines to the fore and bring the taste of India to the next level.

We proudly present and invite you to the famous Nagpuri Saoji. Come and relish the delectable and dainty nature cuisine of Nagpur, Maharashtra cooked with love and a whole range of spices.

Venue Horizon, Sayaji Raipur

Date: 12 -21 Aug

Time: 730pm onwards

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